• Welcome to French Beginner Class


    Supplies : students are expected to have a separate notebook/binder for Spanish. This should include a folder for handouts.
    We use the textbook Bienvenidos by Glencoe Publishers, in class.

    Homework : Students are expected to keep up wit their homework given to them daily. Homework could be exercises from the text, worksheets or study assignment. The purpose is to reinforce what was presented in class that day.

    Classroom expectations : Students need to come to class with their notebook/binder and a pen/pencil and planner. We will have a quiz approximately once a week on the material learned that week. We will also have presentation (skits and oral reports).

    Grading :

    30% quizzes
    40% tests 
    15 % homework
    15% classroom participation and behavior and alternative assessments


    Topics in vocabulary include :

    • The Frenchalphabet
    • Days
    • Months
    • basic greetings and conversations
    • classroom objects/materials
    • Classroom instructions
    • School subjects
    • Telling time
    • Places around the town
    • Leisure activities
    • Likes/dislikes
    • Physical descriptions
    • Clothing
    • colors

    Grammatical concepts include :

    • Definite articles
    • indefinite articles
    • Subject pronouns
    • Gender of nouns
    • French phonetics/pronunciation
    • Adjectives agreements
    • Verb conjugations for regular ER verbs
    • Verb conjugations for some irregular verbs

    Cultural topics include :

    • French customs, traditions and celebrations
    • Famous French speaking people
    • Geography
    • Schools in France
    • Life in Paris 
    • the family and the house
    • the Impresionist artists