• 8th grade French class
    Bienvenus a la classe de francais

    Supplies : students are expected to have a separate notebook/binder for French. This should include a folder for handouts.

    Homework : Students are expected to keep up with their homework given to them daily. Homework could be exercises from the text, worksheets or study assignment. The purpose is to reinforce what was presented in class that day.

    Classroom expectations : Students need to come to class with their notebook/binder and a pen/pencil and planner. We will have a quiz approximately once a week on the material learned that week. We will also have presentation (skits and oral reports).

    Grading is point based.  The  grade is based on the average of all the points gained during the marking period :

     Point are assigned to

    • Homework
    • Speaking Assessments
    • Formative Assessments
    • Summative assessments



    Topics in vocabulary include :

    • The French alphabet
    • Days
    • Months
    • basic greetings and conversations
    • classroom objects/materials
    • Classroom instructions
    • School subjects
    • Telling time
    • Places around the town
    • Leisure activities
    • Likes/dislikes
    • Physical descriptions
    • foods
    • eaating out : restaurants and cafes
    • Clothing
    • colors
    • family and house
    • transportation (planes, trains)
    • sports (soccer,volley and other sports)

    Grammatical concepts include :

    • Definite articles
    • indefinite articles
    • Subject pronouns
    • Gender of nouns
    • Adjectives agreements
    • Verb conjugations for regular "er" , "ir" and "re"verbs
    • Verb conjugations of most irregular verbs
    • future tense
    • past tense (passe compose)
    • present progressive
    • posessive adjectives
    • demonstrative adjectives
    • all question words

    Cultural topics include :

    • eating habits and customs
    • fashion and famoius designers
    • geography of French speaking countries
    • travel in French speaking countries
    • Impressionist artists
    • Life in Paris