• Classroom Expectations

    We emphasize mutual respect, attentive listening, helping one another, sharing our personal lives, getting to know each other well, and building relationships to foster a sense of community and a sense of belonging in the classroom. Our classroom rules are:

    1. Take Care of Yourself
    2. Take Care of Each Other
    3. Take Care of Our Classroom

    Homework Expectations

    • Homework is assigned nightly Monday - Thursday
    • Daily assignments should take about 30 minutes each night.
    • Students will be required to read for at least 20 minutes each night, Monday through Thursday, and maintain a weekly log of the pages/books read. (Weekends are optional.)
    • Questions regarding homework can be asked during Morning Routine each day.
    • Parents should review homework to ensure that it been completed and your child has put forth his/her best effort. Parents are not expected to correct mistakes. Assignments are an assessment tool and help me to see the areas in which s/he may need more support.  If you helped your child with an assignment that s/he found very difficult, please let me know by jotting a quick note or by emailing me.