• Pre-Algebra

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    Welcome to Pre-Algebra. During the course of this program, students will be engaged in higher-order thinking, analyzing and synthesizing data, and communicating mathematically. This curriculum is fast-paced, as a new topic is generally covered each day. 

    Grading Policy 










    Absence Policy:
    It is the responsibility of the student to get missed assignments if absent or leaving for an extended vacation.  Students will have the number of days absent to turn in missed work.   



    • Students will complete daily warm-ups. The purpose of warm-ups is to introduce new concepts and/or reinforce those just learned.


    • Homework will be checked daily for effort and completeness. Students will receive full credit if their homework has been done carefully and completely.  Partially completed homework assignments will not receive any credit.
    • Each individual homework assignment is not posted on Parent Portal. Students will receive their homework grade at the end of each marking period.
    • Students are given leniency if they miss one homework assignment. Afterwards, each missing homework assignment will be a deduction of 1% from their 5% homework grade.
    • There are no make ups for incomplete/missing homework assignments.
    • Homework questions will provide students with practice and applications of the topics covered in class.
    • Generally, students will be assigned homework daily and it should be stored in their notebooks/binders directly after the section of notes taken in class earlier that day. 



    • Students will be given quizzes every three to four topics and chapter tests every two to three weeks.
    • A review will be given for tests and sometimes quizzes.
    • During assessments, the use of calculators may be limited or prohibited.
    • Students who are absent on the day of a test or quiz will be expected to make it up within 2 days of being out.  If they did not miss instruction on new sections on the assessment, they should be prepared to take it on the day they return.
    • Re-takes are not permitted.