• This is what will happen when you come to class,  there is a daily routine you are to follow.  

    Please get to work on these tasks when you come in. Do not wait for the bell to ring or the teacher to signal you to get to work.

    (1) You immediately go to your seat. 

    (2) You check your pencil(s), are they sharpened and ready to go? 
    You should have a back-up pencil; you will not be allowed to sharpen your pencil during a teaching time.
    (3) You get out your planner and write down the homework for the day.

    (4) You check your homework assignment from the previous night.

    Be sure to write down any corrections on your HW so you can review or ask questions about them later.

    (5) You complete your warm-up assignment.
    You will have 10 minutes after the bell rings to get this done.