• This is just a brief overview of how homework is going to be in our class. Each Monday they will receive a packet listing exactly what needs to be done during the week. The whole packet will be due on Friday.



    A reading log will be due every Friday. The children are to fill out the reading log Monday through Thursday with the date, title of book, author and then an adult will fill in the answer to one question that you ask them about their reading. The reading log notebook can be found inside the “book baggy” that they bring home each night with their “just right” book. Inside the reading log notebook are reading logs for the whole year and the list of questions that you can use to assess their reading comprehension.



    Each week we will have new Word Wall words. Every Monday, your child will bring home their teal composition notebook and their new words. They will write each word three times in the notebook and it will be due on Tuesday every week. *If for some reason your child does not have their notebook on Monday, please have them write the words on a piece of paper and I will staple it in their notebook. They will also bring home a Spelling Contract every Monday which will be due on Friday (as part of their homework packet). They will choose 2 (or more if they choose!) activities to do with their Word Wall words from that week.



    The children will most likely have math homework for every day of the week (except Fridays). These Everyday Math Home Links worksheets correspond to the math lesson we completed in school that day, which will help reinforce what was learned.