• book

    Our reading program includes a variety of opportunities for students to learn. This includes daily read-aloud, shared reading experiences to reinforce reading skills. In addition, students receive guided reading instruction to learn new skills and strategies. They also have opportunities for independent reading.



  • pencil

    During Writing Workshop each child will grow to be an independent writer. Using the writing process students will publish several writing pieces throughout the school year.  The goal in second grade is for each child to become an independent writer.


  • stair

    Our phonics program, Phonics First, is based on a direct instruction model of phonemes. Students learn how to decode and encode words based on the sounds taught.



  • ruler

    Everyday Mathematics is a unique program. Its spiraling of many mathematical concepts introduce and review throughout the year. Children learn new skills and concepts, practice critical thinking, and develop problem-solving skills.  The activities and assignments are hands-on and involve various manipulatives to enhance learning.  The lessons are often designed to relate to what is happening in the children’s lives outside of school, tying mathematics to the real world.  Students will be taught problem-solving, addition, subtraction, beginning multiplication, place value, measurement, time, money, interpreting data, and geometry. 

Social Studies

  • globe

    Our social studies curriculum covers a variety of topics that teach children to understand, respect, and celebrate individualism and diversity. Our units of study include “Communities,” “Map Skills and the Environment,” and "Economics, Technology, and Innovation." 


  •  test tubeOur units include the study of the "Structure and Properties of Matter," "Earth's Surface and Its Changes," "Living Things and Habitats," and "Plants and Soil." Students will use a hands-on guided discovery method. They will generate a hypothesis, perform experiments, collect and analyze data, and draw conclusions.