ELL Class Expectations

  •  Student expectations include:

    (1) to arrive to ELL during his/her scheduled ELL times 

    (2) to remember to bring his/her ELL binder to ELL class everyday and to bring it home everyday

    (3) to complete homework assignments Monday through Friday

    (4) to practice English as much as you can during and after school hours 

     Parent expectations include:

    (1) supporting the efforts of the English Language Learner at home

    (2) reminding your child/children to complete daily homework assignments and to read the homework sheet each night

    (3 ) supporting the RazKids reading program with your child (listen to a story, read into the microphone with a strong voice, and answer comprehension questions).

    (4) providing playdates for your child with his/her peers at school.

     Staff expectations include:

    (1) referring to all new students who speak another language at home

    (2) cooperating and releasing ELL students when scheduled

    (3) attending Individual Education Program (IEP) meetings and 504 meetings as scheduled.