Book Talks


    Reading with your child is the most important piece of homework your child will have.  While your child is reading help them develop their reading comprehension skills by engaging them in a "book talk".  Below you will find several questions you can ask your child to start a conversation about a book,  before, during, and after they read.  If time allows, be sure to read to your child a book that is above their reading level, you can ask them the book talk questions during this time as well.

Before Reading

    • Looking at the title, cover, and illustrations/ pictures, what do you think will happen in this book?
    • Do you think there will be a problem in the story? Why?
    • What do you already know about the topic of this book?
    • Do you think it will be like any other book you have read?
    • If so, which one, and how do you think I will be similar?

During Reading

    • What has happened so far in the story? Can you tell me using sequence words? (first, then, next, after, finally, etc.)
    • What do you predict will happen next?
    • How do you think the story will end?
    • Why do you think the character did _________?
    • When you read, what pictures did you see in your head?
    • What are you wondering about as read?  

After Reading


    • Why do you think the author wrote this?
    • What was your favorite party? Why?
    • If you could change the ending, how would it end?
    • Can you retell the story in sequence order (using your fingers ad sequence words: first, second, then, next, etc.)
    • Is there a character in the story that reminds you of someone you know?
    • Does it remind you of something that has happened to you?