Welcome to Transition

  • Course Objectives:

    • Students will learn that the keys to a successful transition to post-school life will include: self-advocacy, real-world experiences, appropriate tools and skills for employment, independent living skills, and connections with community businesses and resources.
    • Students will learn that the key elements to a successful “Structured Learning Experience” will include: employer expectations, privacy of personal, Seeking employment skills, Personal Self-care, and workplace safety.


    Student Expectations
    Each student will arrive on time, prepared and ready to contribute to each class.
    Each student will be respectful of each other’s opinions and contributions to class; as well as have general respect for our classroom, personal belongings and behaviors towards one another. 
    Each student will complete all class work, homework, projects and assessments, as assigned. 
    Each student will turn in his or her own creative and original work. Cheating, plagiarism and fabrication will not be tolerated. 
    Students will abide by the Tiger Q policies. 

    Class Materials
    Students should bring the following materials with them to class daily:

    • 3 ring binder
    • pens
    • pencils
    • eraser
    • open mind 

    Grading System
    Grades will be calculated using Total Points. Each assignment will have a point value attached to it. 
    Typical Assignments may include, but are not limited to: 
        -class work                                -Assessments                                             -class participation                      
    Final grades will also include participation in a Final Exam.  
    Final Grade for full year course = S1 (45%) + S2 (45%) + Final Assessment (10%)
    It is also a good habit for students to check their school email daily. 
    Cell phones should not be used or sitting on top of student desks during class, unless they are relevant to a class activity. 

    Attendance, Absences & Make Up Work
    All students are expected to be in Transition class everyday, unless absences are verified and or excused.
    “Students missing more than eighteen school days in full year courses will have credits withheld/denied for those courses” (Tiger Q, p 10).  Attendance can be monitored via the Parent Portal.  
    Class cuts are unexcused absences. Students will receive a zero for all graded assignments they have missed due to the class cut. Further consequences will be managed by administration.  
    Students who are absent should make time to meet with me upon their arrival back to school to discuss the work they have missed. Students receive the equivalent of the days they were absent to make up missing work. 

    Extra Help
    I am available most days before and after school, and also throughout the school day. Students should make an appointment with me for extra help, and make sure I have confirmed that appointment.  Appointments are encouraged to ensure my availability and undivided attention in assisting students with their needs.



Degrees and Certifications: