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    The goal of the Senior Options program is to encourage students to apply the skills they have acquired throughout their elementary, middle and high school years to a specific field of interest. Tenafly High School believes in providing “learning beyond the classroom.”

    Senior Options is an opportunity to experience authentic, “real-life,” experiential learning beyond the walls of THS.
    Senior Options/SLE take place primarily after A.P. Exams depending upon the student and the project. All program activity will conclude, at the latest, during the last week of the school year. The program will be available to seniors who will select one of 3 options. In each case, students will be guided by an in-school mentor. The selection of the students to participate in the program will be based on such criteria as:
    · Ability to work independently
    · Evidence of prior interest
    · Approved academic standing (a passing grade in all courses required for graduation)
    · Attendance record
    · Appropriate plan of action