Welcome to the Mackay School Library

  • Dear Students, Parents, and Friends:

    Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year! I am so excited to continue my role as the librarian at Mackay for the next ten months.

    Our library program is designed to support and enhance curriculum across all grade levels. Library lessons focus on: library etiquette, exposure to high quality children's literature, digital citizenship, technology tools, STEAM activities, coding, research skills, and more! Beyond the lessons, my role is to grow and support an inclusive community that loves reading and learning. Students are assessed on the same 1-4 grading scale as other specials at the elementary level.

    While the goal was to have 3rd through 5th grade students be able to access the collection starting on the first day of school, the library has sustained flood damage from the remnants of Hurricane Ida. I am diligently working to find feasible ways of letting students check out materials in a safe manner. In the meantime, I will teach the library classes in the students' classrooms.

    This year, I want the library's theme to be: "Readers are resilient." I'm a fan of setting intentions for myself, and I want to share and discuss this sentiment with all of my students. We've all flexed our "resilience muscles" during the pandemic and it has made us stronger as a community. Be on the lookout for how this theme is apparent in the books we read, projects we complete, and more!

    Stay tuned for more library updates as the school year progresses. Maybe Day 1 is not the "Return to Normal" that we were anticipating, but we are going to have an enriching and exciting school year. I look forward to seeing everyone back in school! Let's get started.

    With Excitement,

    Ms. Pichowicz