DEAR EVAN HANSEN YOU WILL BE FOUND Ziv and Gillie, Ensemble
    URINE TOWN DON'T BE THE BUNNY Hank, Jaden, Ziv, David, Sadie
    SPRING AWAKENING MAMA WHO BORE ME (REPRISE) Nina, Arden, Grace, Rayea, Luca, Arpi, Gillie, Val, Michela, Sadie
    SPRING AWAKENING PURPLE SUMMER Rayea and Arden, Ensemble
    URINE TOWN RUN FREEDOM RUN David and Ensemble
    HEATHERS 17 REPRISE Luca and Rayea, Ensemble

Sam Vukic

  • Sam Vukic

    Sam Vukic is excited to bring this… kind of true story to stage. Who would’ve thought that he would go from playing a manic sixty-year-old at the beginning of the year to actually playing himself. He would like to thank Mr. AC, Mr. Moger, Mr. Millar, Mr. Graziano, and the cast and crew for putting this production together.

Ziv Zaifman

  • Ziv Zaifman

    Ziv Zaifman is very excited to participate in THS’s production of the “21st Century Broadway Project”. Ziv has participated in a couple of other productions at THS, such as “Clue”, “Fiddler on the Roof”, and “Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime”, and other professional projects. He loves what Mr. Ahn-Cooper, Mr. Millar, and Mr. Moger have been able to come up during such weird times, and he can’t wait for everyone to see!

David Zhitkov

  • David Zhitkov

    David Zhitkov is a senior at THS and is thrilled to be apart of this year's musical production! He has been in previous productions such as 'Legally Blonde' as a freshman playing Aaron Schultz, 'Fiddler on the Roof' as a sophomore playing Lazar Wolf and 'Kiss Me, Kate' in 2020. He would like to give a very special thanks to Mr. Ahn-Cooper, Mr. Millar and everyone else who made this show possible during these rough times. He would also like to thank everyone for all the fond memories during the past four years in theater, he is certainly going to cherish them forever. He couldn't be happier with how his last high school musical turned out, and hopes you enjoy the show!

Rayea Jain

  • Rayea Jain

    Rayea Jain is so happy to be back on stage for another musical at THS! She's been apart of multiple  THS Theater Productions and  is beyond grateful to have the opportunity to perform again despite all of the chaos that has been this year. Rayea hopes that you all enjoy the show as much as she enjoyed being apart of it; she also hopes you don't make too much fun of her horrendous dance moves as horrible as they may be. A special thank you to Mr. AC, Mr. Millar, Mr. Moger and the Tech Crew, Mr. Graziano, and the cast for working together to create such an amazing show! Enjoy!

Becky Teall

  • Becky Teall

    Becky Teall is excited to be taking part in her first musical! She enjoyed working with everyone to create something she finds truly wonderful, and she hopes you find it as awesome as she does! She would like to thank Mr. Millar, Mr. Graziano, and Mr. Ahn-Cooper for believing in her, and her fellow cast members for their efforts and enthusiasm in making this possible!

Mira Shah

  • Mira Shah

    Mira Shah is looking forward to being a part of the 21st Century Broadway Project. She is a freshman, and this is her third show at the high school. She thoroughly enjoys singing and acting and has been doing both for many years. Mira hopes everyone loves the show as much as she loves being a part of it.

Michela Wallach

  • Michela Wallach

    Michela Wallach is thrilled to be a part of this years musical! She is a sophomore at THS who was in this years One Acts and last years musical. She is also grateful for the opportunity to put on a show despite covid, especially after Kiss Me Kate was cancelled last year. She would like to thank the dynamic duo, director Mr. A.C and music director Mr. Millar for making everyone (and her) sound and look good on stage. Mr. Moger and the stage crew for dedicating time and helping put our show to life. And lastly, the MTV students who graciously volunteered to film us. Enjoy the show!!

Luca Ahn-Cooper

  • Luca Ahn-Cooper

    Luca Ahn-Cooper is so excited to be in this year's spring musical! This will be her first official theatre production she has been in besides One Acts and Kiss Me Kate that unfortunately was shut down due to Covid-19. Luca is so grateful that everyone was able to come together and put on an amazing show, which is all thanks to her director (and dad) Mr.AC, Mr.Millar, Mr.Graziano, Mr.Moger, the tech crew, and the most incredible cast. She hopes you enjoy this pandemic production of wonderful music and an excessive amount of flannel and denim!

Karis Cho

  • Karis Cho

    Karis Cho is a sophomore and is excited to be part of this year’s 21st Century Broadway project. She loves theatre and has performed in every school musical in the past. She enjoys dancing, singing, writing, and exploring the field of psychology in her free time.  Disheartened over the cancellation of last year's musical “Kiss me Kate”, she is glad to find some sense of normalcy through this project. She hopes everyone enjoys the show, and thanks Mr. Ahn-Cooper, Mr. Millar, Mr. Graziano, Mr. Moger, and the entire cast and crew for working so hard despite these tumultuous times.

Jordan Kluger

  • Jordan Kluger

    Jordan Kluger is so excited to be in this year’s 2021 musical! Even though this year’s production is a little out of the ordinary, it’s still fabulous!! She hopes everyone enjoys watching it as much as she enjoyed getting to be a part of it!

Grace Chung

  • Grace Chung

    Grace Chung is a freshman at Tenafly High School and is excited to be apart of her first high school musical. She started off as a stage crew member in middle school and made her way into a cast member as soon as she saw the magic in theater. Grace is freshman class president and will be continuing her position next year as a sophomore. In her free time, she enjoys being in the kitchen cooking and making fun of her two cats, Snow and Noel. Never before has Grace seen or been apart of anything like this 21 Century Broadway Project, so she hopes you enjoy the show just as much as she enjoyed taking part in it!  

Jaden Salmon

  • Jaden Salmon

    Jaden Salmon is very excited to be taking part in his final production at Tenafly High School. It has been a really great run and theater all through high school has been so rewarding. He would like to thank his fellow cast members, Mr. AC, Mr. Millar, Mr. Moger, the musicians, and the tech crew for helping to make this production possible

Arden Segaloff

  • Arden Segaloff

    Arden Segaloff is elated to make her musical debut at THS! She has participated in other THS Theater Productions and was going to be in the musical last spring, but that’s a touchy subject for her. This production was a blast to put together and unlike any show the cast has ever done. Tonight’s costumes are what Arden is calling “Lumberjack Chic”. Funny enough, Arden just picked out an outfit like every other day and called it a costume. Anyway, Arden would like to give a special thank you to Mr. AC, Mr. Millar, Mr. Moger and the Tech Crew, Mr. Graziano, Nancy Ringham Smith and the cast for coming together and making tonight possible!!

Hank Jennings

  • Hank Jennings

    Hank Jennings is excited to be in the 21st Century Broadway Project, where he’ll play a rich tyrant and part-time bunny murderer. Hank has always believed that the best villains are the ones who reveal their motives and schemes through elaborate song-and-dance routines, so it works out great. Hank was previously in Kiss Me, Kate (Gangster 2) and An Evening of Theatre History (Lenny from Rumors), and he also directed “Di Bollical and the Play That Wasn’t the Macbest” for One Acts 2021. Fun fact for you theatre history nerds out there: Mr. Millar once sang “Don’t Be the Bunny” in a production of Urinetown ten years ago. Completely unrelated side note: if Hank messes up the song tonight, don’t expect to see him at THS musicals in the future. Hank thanks Mr. AC, Mr. Millar, Mr. Moger, Mr. Graziano, the tech crew, and his amazing castmates for all their hard work. Enjoy the show!

Arpi Halajian

  • Arpi Halajain

    Arpineh (Arpi) Halajian began studying piano and recording songs with her father at the age of 4. She performed in 'South Pacific' and 'Arabian Nights' in summer programs at the Kaplan JCC, and took part in TMS's production of 'The Wizard of Oz'. She has been a member of the Young People's Chorus of New York City for 5 years, and has performed with them at Avery Fisher Hall, Jazz at Lincoln Center, and Carnegie Hall. She also performed in the world premiere of Julia Wolfe's 'Fire in My Mouth' with the New York Philharmonic at Lincoln Center, and the piece was nominated for a Grammy later that year. She is currently taking vocal lessons and is a fan of all things musical theater, which is why she is ecstatic to be a part of THS's unique 2021 musical. She thanks her parents and friends for supporting her all the way.

Gillie Halfone

  • Gillie Halfone

    "If you are reading this, please know that a crazy cat lady is on stage disguised as Gillie Halfone. She loves cats more than anything and tried to muggle her cat on stage. If you would like to know more, please find some cat hair and put it in an envelope and mail it go Gillie- I mean the crazy cat lady on stage. Thank you. -Lilly Newman"

Sadie Lehrfeld

  • Sadie Lehrfeld

    Sadie Lehrfeld is so so happy to be taking part in her first THS musical! This production was so much fun to create and she hopes that you enjoy it as much as she enjoyed taking part in it. She hopes that you enjoy the boys box steps (they worked really hard on them), they are perfect. Special thank you to Mr. Millar, Mr. AC, Mr. Moger, Tech Crew, Mr. Graziano, and the entire cast for making this show so amazing in such a crazy time. Yay! 21st Century Broadway Project!!

Miki Ramirez-Cruz

  • Miki Ramirez-Cruz

    Miki Ramirez-Cruz is a Sophomore at THS who is very excited to be involved in this year’s Spring Musical. Having participated in this year’s One Acts she was enthusiastic to be given the opportunity to perform in this year’s musical production. Despite the pandemic, she is grateful for the wonderful experience thanks to the dedicated cast and crew to be able to put on a live performance this year with a smaller audience. She would like to express her thanks to Mr. A.C., our director, Mr. Millar, Musical Director, and Mr. Moger as well as the stage crew for putting all their efforts into making this show the best it can be.

Jake Pleva

  • Jake Pleva

    Jake Pleva is very excited to be a part of the 21st Century Broadway Project and has had a great time participating in the various THS shows throughout this year.  Jake also plays saxophone at the JCC Thurnauer School of Music and enjoys the outdoors, biking and exercising.   Good luck to the entire cast and thanks for coming to see the show!

Valentina Orozco-Herrera

  • Valentina Orozco-Herrera

    Valentina Orozco-Herrera  is overjoyed to be working with such an amazing cast and crew in the making of the 21st Broadway Musical! Due to Covid-19 cancelling last year’s musical “Kiss me Kate”, she is so thankful to be a part of such an incredible cast, and to have an audience in person and virtually during the pandemic. She would like to thank her wonderful director Mr.Ahn-Cooper, the incredible music director Mr.Millar, Mr.Graziano, Mr.Moger, and the cast and crew that made this production possible.

Juliana Fukui

  • Juliana Fukui

    Juliana Fukui is a sophomore, and is thrilled to be a part of her first theatrical production at THS. In the past she has taken part in multiple performances with her dance studio and is excited to be on a stage again. She hopes everyone enjoys the show and gives special thanks to Mr. AC, Mr. Moger, Mr. Millar, and Mr. Graziano for putting together such a great project. Best of luck to the cast and crew!

Nina Bogosian

  • Nina Bogosian

    Nina Bogosian is a sophomore and cheerleader here at THS. She is delighted to get the chance to perform in this year’s show after her freshman musical was canceled due to Covid. She participated in the fall play, doing a monologue from The Trojan Women and also took part in this year’s Madrigals festival. Nina can be seen playing Katie in the 40-minute film, You’re Just Like Me, as well as the lead role of Mathilda in the short Chimerical, which is set to come out on Amazon Prime. Some of Nina’s favorite roles include Serena in Legally Blonde and Lauren in Circle Mirror Transformation. She wants to thank her incredible director, Mr. A.C, her musical director, Mr. Millar, as well as Mr. Moger and his stage crew for dedicating so much time and effort to making this show the best it could be!

Mika Harari

  • Mika Harari

    Mika Harari is a freshman and is very exited to participate in this musical. She is impressed and proud that after all the hard work this show is coming to life - even with all of the challenges and covid-19.

Sivan Yoskowitz

  • Sivan Yoskowitz

    Sivan Yoskowitz loves to sing and has been in musicals all her life. She played the Wicked Witch of the West in 7th grade in the TMS production of The Wizard of Oz and was in the ensemble of the TMS production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the following year, as well. Sivan has been in musicals at the JCC since 3rd grade and some of the roles she’s played include Smee in Peter Pan, the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, Kenickie in Grease, the Baker’s Wife in Into the Woods, Sebastian in The Little Mermaid, and Rasputin in Anastasia. Sivan also played the cello from 3rd-7th grade and the string bass from 7th-9th grade, and she was in Madrigals both last year, when she was one of Ye Old Consumer’s Tome, and this year, when she played the Jester. She is currently 15 years old, is in 10th grade, and is very excited to perform in this Broadway Project.


Arda Oral

  • Arda Oral

    Arda Oral is a freshman in Tenafly High School. He is extremely excited to be in this year's musical. He has done musicals in the middle school, but this will be his first time in the high school. It is super exciting to finally be doing musicals again after COVID. He is grateful to everyone who supports him and enables him to be part of this amazing production.

Naomi Zafrir

  • Naomi Zafrir

    Naomi Zafrir is a senior at Tenafly High School. She is the stage manager and has been a part of the tech crew since freshman year. Initially, she started off with spots, then sound, then became the assistant stage manager, and this year she became the stage manager. Naomi has participated in almost all of the shows the theatre department has put on and is so grateful for all the amazing people and the fun experiences she’s had. Being a part of this program showed her how much she loves music and theatre and wouldn’t be the person she is today without this program. While this performance is different from our past shows, she knows that you will enjoy it just as much as the cast and crew has enjoyed putting it together. Thank you so much to Mr. Millar, Mr. AC and Mr. Moger for keeping this program running and so much time and effort into all of the student’s work.

Taleen Torosian

  • Taleen Torosian

    Taleen Torosian is a sophomore at THS. She has been given the privilege of seeing a show from backstage through the eyes of an Assistant Stage Manager. Taleen has always enjoyed being on stage, participating in both this and last year's One Acts. However, when the opportunity came to discover new horizons behind the scenes of a show, she could not turn it down. Being Assistant Stage Manager has given her so much more appreciation for all of the hard work the tech crew and Mr. Moger put in to make the show so spectacular. A big thank you to the wonderful director and teacher Mr. AC, the music director Mr. Millar, and the whole cast for working tirelessly to put on a beautiful show. Special thanks to Naomi Zafrir, the Stage Manager, for teaching Taleen everything she knows about stage managing today.