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    Saturday, January 23, 2021 - 7:00pm

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    Congratulations Zoe Koblence!!!

    Winner of Tenafly's Got Talent 2020

    Congratulations to Kairen Uetani! - 2020 Elementary School Finalist 

    Congratulations to Jack Bennett - 2020 High School Finalist


    The Winner of Tenafly's Got Talent 2020 will receive $250!

    The 2 Finalists will each receive a $50 gift card from a local restaurant!  

    Hosts: Jacob Friedman and Jonathon Glatzer

    Production Staff
    Advisor: Mr. Adam Rendell
    Technical Director
    : Mr. Stephen Moger

    Tenafly's Got Talent Committee

    Natalia Ahmann, Luca Ahn-Cooper, Samantha Albert, Kira Baltaytis, Madeline Davis, Jacob Friedman, Jonathon Glatzer, Ria Hirawat, Luke Han, Rayea Jain, Thomas Lederer, Jessica Lee, Benjamin Lerner, Caitlin McGinty, Noelle Osborne, Jonathan Tenenbaum, Dylan Weiss

    Student Organization Officers
    President - Dylan Weiss, Vice-President - Jonathan Tenenbaum, Secretary - Luke Han, Treasurer - Jonathon Glatzer, Senior Board of Ed Rep - Kira Baltaytis, Junior Board of Ed Rep - Jessica Lee


    The Show
    Elementary School Performances
    1. Vivianne Zheng, 2. 
    Rudy Jin, 3. Kairen Uetani, 4. Annabelle Volynsky, 5. Rayan Nagy, 6. Joel Revesz, 7. Alyssa Liu, 8. Alex Xu, 9. Eunseo Han, 10. Andrew Liu, 11. Kai Kobori-Huang
    Voting for Elementary School Finalist

    Middle School Performances
    1. Hannah Kim and Lois Kwak, 2. Eric Liu, 3. Zoe Koblence, 4. Raphaella Bamonte, 5. Michael Middlezong, 6. Noa Avrahami, 7. Adam Corriel
    Voting for Middle School Finalist

    High School Performances
    1. Jake Pleva, 2. Michela Wallach, 3. Alec Steffens and Michael Coburn, 4. Nina Bogosian, 5. Jack J. Bennett
    Voting for High School Finalist

    Special Performances
    Clara Pimenta (Tenafly's Got Talent 2019 Winner)
    Announcement of Finalists and Voting for Winner 

    Ethan Corriel (Tenafly's Got Talent 2018 Winner)
    Thank you and Announcement of Winner


    Contestant Biographies

    Elementary School

    Eunseo Han - Eunseo Han is in fourth grade, Maugham School. She was born in South Korea and moved to America a few years ago. Her talent is dancing K-POP songs. She started dancing with her sister and sent silly videos she took to her family in Korea. She watches videos from K-Pop singers and follows them. She masters the moves quickly. Her family wishes Eunseo good luck!!!

    Rudy Jin - Rudy Jin is a seven year old girl who is in the second grade. Rudy started dancing when she was five years old. Rudy enjoys dancing because it is a fun experience, and she really enjoys learning new dance routines. She is interested in science because she wants to learn more about the earth’s surface and conduct experiments which she finds a lot of fun! Rudy enjoy’s school because she can learn new things and meet new friends. Rudy also likes gymnastics because it reminds her of dance because she learns new routines and can do all types of exercises. Her dance teacher’s name is Min Zhou, and Rudy is very appreciative of all that Min Zhou has taught her about dancing. She is excited to share her performance with you.

    Kai Kobori-Huang - Kai Kobori-Huang is a fifth grader at Spencer J. Smith Elementary School. He began studying piano at the age of four. He is currently studying piano at Manhattan School of Music Precollege Division with Professor Philip Kawin.

    Alyssa Liu - Alyssa Liu is a fourth grader at Maugham. She started clarinet lessons mid-January of 2020, right before the pandemic began. She was able to continue her lesson virtually and developed a keen interest in different genres of music. Alyssa enjoys playing both classical music such as Mozart and Schubert, and pop songs such as the theme song from The Pink Panther. She hopes you find peace and beauty in Serenade by Franz Schubert.

    Andrew Liu - Andrew is in Mackay 4th grade. He loves music, Math, reading and computer gaming.

    Rayan Nagy - Rayan has been playing piano for 3 years focusing mainly on classical music. He has recently become interested in composition and music theory. Rayan plans to continue learning classical music but with an added focus on modern compositions- which has lead him to become interested in the piece he submitted for this years contest.

    Joel Revesz - Joel Revesz is a 4th grader at Maugham School in Tenafly. This is his 7th debut on stage. Joel's favorite part of comedy is impersonation and imitating different accents. He is currently sharpening his acting skills at Actors Technique New York. When Joel is not busy performing, he likes to play tennis and soccer. Joel also loves reading and enjoys movies or spending time with his family.

    Kairen Uetani - Kairen is a 3rd grader at Smith School. He loves learning about different countries and cultures and has been very interested in China recently. While researching the country, he came across the Pipa. He begged his parents to get him one and ever since it arrived in June 2020, he has been playing it every minute of the day. He is self-taught and watches YouTube to learn new songs!

    Annabelle Volynsky - Annabelle is a 10-year old student from Mackey school. She is a very social and friendly girl who loves spending time with her friends. She enjoys reading, doing gymnastics and ninja warrior courses. In fact, last year she participated in Worlds Ninja Warriors competition. She enjoys spending time with her four older brothers and loves playing with her dog Cherry and two kittens, and jumping on her trampoline any free moment she has.

    Alex Xu - Alex Xu is a 9 years old student at Mackay. He enjoys playing classical piano pieces and improvising on the piano. When Alex is not playing piano, he plays violin, chess or writes fantasy adventure books.

    Vivianne Zheng - Miss. Vivianne Zheng is a 6 year old 1st grade student at the Maugham school.  She has played Piano for two years and taken vocal class for one year. She likes ice-skating, swimming, dancing, and painting.

    Middle School

    Noa Avrahami - Noa has a passion for singing. She aspires to be on Broadway someday. She loves acting a performing on stage. She chose to sing the song "Id Rather Be Me" because it's from one of her her favorite musicals that got her into musical theater.

    Raphaella Bamonte - Raphaella Bamonte, age 12, is a Tenafly Middle School 7th grader who has been dancing since she was 3 and acting since she was 5. She has studied many forms of dance including jazz, ballet, contemporary, musical theater and hip hop. Being able to come up with her own choreography where she is able to introduce some of her own dance moves into her routines is what gets Raphaella most excited.

    Adam Corriel - Adam Corriel is an 8th grader from the Tenaflly Middle School. He was Charlie, in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory in the middle school play 2 years ago. In his free time, he likes to play piano, video games, and sports.

    Hannah Kim - Hannah Kim is in TMS 7th grade. She came from Korea in 6th grade. She likes to dance and sing.

    Zoe Koblence - Zoe Koblence is an 8th grader, a sister, a friend, a performer, a kind and creative soul. She likes being active and making her friends laugh.

    Lois Kwak - Lois Kwak is a 8th grader at Tenafly Middle School. She moved to Tenafly in 6th grade. She likes to sing and listen to music. Her favorite artist is IU and Heize. She doesn't really like to be active.

    Eric Liu - Eric Liu is in TMS 7th grade. He likes Science, Math, and Music. Eric Loves Computer Coding and gaming.

    Michael Middlezong - Michael Middlezong is a 7th grader at TMS. Michael started playing piano at age of 5, and started playing violin at age of 7. He has been a violin player in school and district orchestra since 3rd grade. Inspired by the love of music, Michael started composing his own music in 1st grade. His compositions have ranged from classical music to contemporary music , from solo pieces to chamber music and orchestra music. Michael has performed his own music at various concerts and competitions. Notably he has been selected to perform his original piece in Yamaha National Junior Original Concert and has won awards in music composition competitions in New Jersey. For this year’s Tenafly’s got talent Michael brings to us one of his orchestra pieces titled Far Lands. The mesmerizing notes work together to tell a story of wonder and hope in the far lands. Hope you will enjoy it!

    High School

    Jack Bennett - Currently a sophomore at THS, Jack dove into music via drums and some guitar then started playing classical piano when he was about 5 years old then branched out to play modern classical music - film scores as well as jazz. He plays piano, bass and drums with friends and family as well as enjoys playing for hospitals and family centers when he can. Jack was selected to play Debussy’s Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum at Carnegie Recital Hall in 2011 when he was in middle school and again in 2020 to play Chopin’s Opus 25 No. 2 in June 2020. Due to the pandemic It was postponed to June 2021. Jack continues to add to the piano solo playlists on Jack J. Bennett Sound Cloud. He’s incredibly happy to be back to play in Tenafly’s Got Talent this year!

    Nina Bogosian - Nina is a sophomore and cheerleader at Tenafly High School. She is so excited to be back and participating in Tenafly's Got Talent for the second time. She frequently performs in musicals in New York and does film, TV, and modeling work. She performed in Tenafly's Madrigals last month and the fall play earlier this year. Nina was also in One Acts last year and was supposed to participate in the spring musical, Kiss Me, Kate, before school closed.

    Michael Coburn - Michael is a junior at Tenafly High School who discovered his passion for music back when he was just a toddler. Surrounded by rock music from the 70s and 80s in his childhood, Michael eventually developed a love for guitar. Beginning his practices in late 2018 in a guitar class under Mr. Jacobetz, and gathered with his friend Alec Steffens, Michael found his motivation to pour copious amounts of hours into the instrument and eventually into this talent show. Michael also would like to thank his family for all of their support.

    Jake Pleva - Jake Pleva is a 9th grader at THS who has been studying saxophone for 7 years at the Thurnauer School of Music at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades.  Jake studies classical and jazz music. In addition to playing the alto saxophone, Jake also plays the baritone sax which he  performs with in the Tenafly High School Band. Besides the saxophone, Jake’s many interests include biking with his friends, working out, eating, and just having fun. 

    Alec Steffens - Alec is a junior at Tenafly High School. He has always had a passion for music. He started giving into his talent by taking guitar lessons during the summer of 2017. Ever since then, he has been learning to play new songs. He started playing guitar with his best friend, Michael Coburn, in 2019. Alec convinced Michael to show there talents at Tenafly’s Got Talent. Hopefully their practice has payed off.

    Michela Wallach - Michela Wallach is a sophomore at THS and is very excited to be performing in her third Tenaflys Got Talent. She plays piano, guitar and loves musical theatre. Tonight she will sing When He Sees Me from the musical Waitress.

    Special Performer Biographies

    Ethan Corriel Ethan is a junior in high school who has a passion for sports, games, and music. He started playing piano at a young age, around 8 years old. After participating in two Tenafly Got Talent's, he continued playing piano and learning both contemporary and classical music. He will be performing "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.

    Clara Pimenta - Clara Pimenta is a 7th grader at Tenafly Middle School. She is delighted to be back performing at Tenafly’s Got Talent. Clara is a big musical theater fan and enjoys singing and acting (and baking) in her free time.


    Thank You

    Superintendent Shauna DeMarco and the Central Office Administration

    Mr. James Morrison and the Tenafly High School Administration

    Mr. John Fabbo – Tenafly Middle School Principal

    Ms. Jennifer Ferrara – Maugham Principal

    Ms. Brenda Yoo – Mackay Principal

    Ms. Gayle Lander – Stillman Principal

    Ms. Daryl George – Smith Principal

    Ms. Maureen McCann – Alpine Principal

    Mr. Stephen Moger and the THS-TV Crew

    Mr. Stephen Moger and the Tech Crew

    All of the building HSAs

    All of the district secretaries

    Mr. Steve Bogue and the Tenafly High School Custodial Staff

    Jessica Lee – Logo design

    The Families of the Contestants



    TGT 2020 Winner: Zoe Koblence (TMS)

    TGT 2019 Winner: Clara Pimenta (TMS)

    TGT 2018 Winner: Ethan Corriel (THS)

    TGT 2017 Winner: Andy Chang and Christine Lee (THS)

    TGT 2016 Winner: Reilly Wilmit (THS)

    TGT 2015 Winner: Will Farnham and Ashley Kupferschmid (THS)

    TGT 2014 Winner: Michael Middlezong (Maugham)