• Mrs. Miller's Update Letter to Students and Parents 

    Dear 7 Blue Students and Parents,

    It's really something to celebrate that we made it through Week 1! Students, you truly rose to the challenge, kept focused on your work, and remained positive. I am so proud of you! Parents, thank you so much for your optimism, warm wishes, flexibility, and support.

    Just a few updates for this week:

    • I've changed the name of our Daily Homework page to the Virtual Learning page. Students, always check here first to know what the assignments are for each day and for the week.
    • Each day students will now be expected to turn in homework to me online so I can check it and give feedback. If students choose to handwrite assignments, please take a picture and upload it to Google Classroom. They can also be emailed it to me.
    • I will continue to offer OPTIONAL ENRICHMENT activities for students who are looking to extend their learning, or just looking for extra things to do during these long days. As always, they are optional but encouraged, and the extra work and effort are very much appreciated!

    Please continue, students and parents, to reach out to me via email with your questions, or just to say hello.

    I wish you all a wonderful, healthy, and happy week!


    Mrs. Miller


    Welcome to our class web page! What will you find here?

    • our daily homework assignments
    • important announcements
    • weekly extra help hours
    • links to helpful web resources, organized by topic or unit of study
    • information about the course

    Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. How can I find out what we did in class if I was absent?

    Click on this link to My Daily Lesson Plans. Type in the View Key 7bluela. I also post copies of my lesson plans in front of the classroom for you to check when you return to class. It is important to also talk to me when you return, especially to discuss assignments you may have missed when you were absent.

    2. Where are the daily homework assignments posted?

    You can find them by clicking on Daily Homework on the left-hand side of our class website. 

    3. How can I get the materials I need to complete my homework?

    Most of these materials will be posted on our Google Classroom. You can take extra copies of handouts distributed in class in the daily folders the front bulletin board. 

    Remember that to access Google Classroom and your Tenafly Google Drive, you must log into Google Chrome using your Tenafly email address!

    I wish you all a successful year!

    Mrs. Miller