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    Middle School Art Program:

    Grade 6 Art- is an introductory course designed to introduce students to the elements and principles of design through art. Students will use a variety of mediums and learn various techniques through numerous projects. Also, students will develop their abilities to make critical judgments about art and understand/appreciate the influences of art history.

    Grade 7 Art: is an intermediate course designed to build upon and increase the student’s knowledge of the elements and principles of design. The familiarity will increase while using a variety of media and techniques. A continued emphasis on critical judgment is accompanied by an increased focus on art from other cultures.

    Grade 8 Art: is a course where students will develop knowledge of art through various mediums. In each project students will become familiar and employ the techniques and media used by skilled craftsmen. Student will also learn how the elements and principles of design apply to crafts.  

    Please click here to print out the form to participate in Visiting Artist Program.