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Welcome to the 8 Teal Social Studies Webpage!  My name is Mr. Juan and I am teacher for this class. This year students will focus on American History starting with Native Americans & European Explorers and ending with The Civil War. In conjunction with classroom activities such as skits, colonial fairs, organized debates, students will gain an understanding to how the European colonies impacted the birth of the United States and the evolution of our nation in its infancy.


Useful Information

    Students are expected to bring the following materials to class every day:

    • pen or pencil
    • binder
    • planner
    • Chromebook

    In 8th Grade Social Studies, students will be assessed in the following ways:

    • tests and quizzes
    • homework
    • class participation
    • individual projects
    • group projects

    The following topics will be covered in 8th grade:

    1. Before the First Global Age
    2. European Explorers
    3. The English Colonies
    4. Crisis Between the English Colonies & England
    5. The American Revolution
    6. Creating a Republic
    7. The Constitution
    8. The Bill of Rights
    9. Launching a New Government
    10. The Age of Jefferson
    11. The Industrial Revolution
    12. The Jacksonian Era
    13. Westward Expansion
    14. Tension Between the North & South
    15. The Civil War