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  • Welcome!  I teach Seventh Grade Social Studies.

    7th Grade: The class focuses on the study of Ancient Civilizations.

       Materials: Students should have a binder or notebook for note-taking and storing hand-outs. 

       A study of History, Geography and Ancient Civilizations including: 
       River Valley Civilizations, The Hebrews, Greece, Rome, Early African Civilizations, Japan,
       and the Middle Ages. See hmhsocialstudies.com for the textbook (World History Ancient
       Civilizations through the Renaissance).

    Grades are based on Class Preparation and Performance (20%), Tests (40%), and Quizzes (40%).

    Homework: Homework is 1/4 (5%) of the Class Preparation and Performance grade.
       Late homework will earn half credit.

    Appointments:  if you wish to meet with me before or after school, appointments must be requested and confirmed
       by me via email at tjensen@tenafly.k12.nj.us.

    Reading and Understanding the Textbook
    Identify, Define, and or Explain as Applicable:

       TERMS (Include Terms or Words that are Unfamiliar: not just the Terms in BOLD)
       PEOPLE (May be Individual or Group)
       DATES/Events (Include why important, also if applicable what caused an event and the effect of the event)
       PLACES (Why the Place is Important)
       PROBLEMS (Identify the Problem, its cause, and how it was Resolved)

    See the Team Calendar and my Google Classroom Page for upcoming events and hand-outs.




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