•  About Me


    • I have taught at Tenafly Middle School since 1994. Over the course of that time, I have taught the following classes: Language Arts/Reading/Global Citizenship/Social Studies (current).


    • In 2013, I received a doctorate from Montclair State University, with a focus on pedagogy and global citizenship education.


    • Since 1999, I have been the advisor for a global citizenship club. The name of the club has changed several times over the years; it is currently called "Citizens of the World" club.  During this timespan, the club has engaged in a number of global citizenship service-learning initiatives, including:
      • sponsoring landmine removal in Bosnia'
      • sponsoring landmine rehabilitation in Cambodia
      • sponsoring cultural/educational programs in Cambodia
      • sponsoring construction of a K-8 school in Ethiopia
      • engaging in ongoing online exchanges with students and teachers from a range of countries (ongoing)


    World History Class (Grade 7)

    • Since 2012-13, I have taught world history. Below is some information about the content of this class and my method of teaching.



    Units of Study 


    • Human Evolution/Origins
    • Mesopotamia
    • Egypt
    • India
    • China
    • The Hebrews (Origins of Judaism)
    • The Trojan War/The Illiad
    • Greece
    • Roman Republic
    • Roman Empire
    • Other (time permitting)


     Teaching Methodologies Used (ongoing basis)

    • Topic Discussion Forum
    • Video Discussion Forum
    • Discussions (Whole-Class/Socratic Conversation/Other)
    • Primary Source Analysis
    • Student Independent Research
    • Special Activities (debates/games/etc.)
    • Projects



    • written responses
    • class participation
    • student independent research
    • Projects
    • Test/Quizzes